Skyblock Update - 10/07/23

Welcome to our final update for Skyblock Origins Map 4! This week we added a brand new zone free to play, additional perks to ranks, and the brand new Rank Crate.

50% Fire Sale

We are introducing our first 50% sale on Skyblock Origin! For a limited time only, all /goobits items are now on sale 50% off. The sale will run until Map 4 (10/14/24) ends.

Mythical Zone

We will be introducing our last zone for the map. This zone is featured in the Mythical Gardens. There are tons of various crops, trees, and ores you can sell. We also have introduced a brand new mob that will drop mobcoins and flowers that can be sold or used within the Mythical Shop.

You can purchase the Car's Pets, a Unique Tag, and Wither Spawners.

Rank Crate

We are introducing a brand new crate! You can now purchase a crate key and win only ranks. You can view the chances below and inside the preview menu.

The Rank Crate will cost 3000 Goobits (1500 with the 50% sale)!

  • Puff (30%)
  • Twist (20%)
  • Blitz (20%)
  • Smash (15%)
  • Brawl (10%)
  • Glitch (5%)

Rank Updates

We have also updated our ranks with some brand new perks, along with a few new features.

Some ranks have been given the following:

  • Access to /sethome
  • Access to /top
  • Access to /near
  • Access to /flyspeed
  • [NEW] Arrow Trails

Arrow Trails
You can now select an arrow trail when shooting arrows.

We've also updated the Goobits Rank menu to show off the perks and rewards a lot better.

Map 4 Reset

The team and I are very excited to announce that Skyblock Origins Map 4 is coming to a close and Map 5 is underway!

We are whitelisting Skyblock Origins on 10/14/23 and will be whitelisted for 7 days, reopening on 10/21/23 for the brand new SOTW.

We have been hard at work on making sure this reset goes as smoothly as possible with tons of new things coming your way. Some new features will include one giant zone instead of multiple, unique set bonuses for certain /skin sets, custom recipes and crafting menu, and more! We will be posting daily sneak peeks starting the 14th.

Unban All

Along with the brand new Skyblock Origins Map 5, we will be implementing an Unban All for all players who are NOT permanently banned. We believe some players deserve a second chance to come back on a fresh map and join us.

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