Skyblock Update Week 7

Hey Everyone, In this week's update we'll be bringing you guys some nerfs for Seeds, and we'll be giving you guys another Spawner Slimes.


  • [NEW] Slime Spawner
  • [NEW] Enchanted Slimeball Spawner
  • [NEW] Enchanted SlimeBlock Spawner

These Spawners aren't the highest-tiered spawners, but might be worth buying because of their High ROI.

  • [NEW] HoneyComb Value Block

This Value Block gives you more value for the amount of money you put into buying it. There for you have to think about if you want to buy it or not. It's available in the Dealer.

  • [NEW] Wither Rose

This will give people more ways to make farms.


  • [ADDED] 2 Storage Upgrades
  • [ADDED] 2 Range Upgrades
  • [ADDED] 2 Slot Upgrades

Because there wasn't an update last week we are adding two upgrades to the Collector, We are also readjusting the price you need to pay for each upgrade.


  • [NERFED] Sandcastle
  • [NERFED] Bubble
  • [NERFED] Jellyfish

Seeds have been nerfed, they were too strong.

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