Skyblock Update - 1/21/23

Welcome to our weekly update here on Skyblock Origins! This week we added a limited edition crate that features tons of your favorite characters. We also took some advice and made manual farming much more profitable.

Limited Edition Hero Crate

A Introducing a brand new limited edition Hero Crate featuring tons of fan favorite characters and hero's. Obtain special skins, cosmetics, tags, and more.

This crate will be only obtainable for 48 hours.

Potential Rewards:

  • NEW Hero Themed Skins (Iron Hero, Bolt Hero, Bat Hero, and Spider Hero)
  • NEW Hero Themed Cosmetics
  • NEW Baby Alien Balloon
  • NEW Seeds
  • NEW Pets (Farm, Vote, and Flash)
  • and more... (You can view these rewards inside the crate preview!)


With the love of pets, we've added 3 brand new pets to join the grind. These pets cater towards QoL and helping you make some extra cash.

Farm Pet

Turn harvested crops into ored versions such as, Coal, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald.

Vote Pet

Earn more and better rewards when voting for the server. Keep the pet in your inventory and your rewards will be awarded to your account.

Flash Pet

Reduce your skill ability cooldowns by a percentage.

Island Upgrades

As everyone grinds their island to the top you can upgrade various boosters and perks on your island. We've gone ahead and added tons of additional upgrades.

We've also added a bunch of sell price upgrades for various items you can farm.

Upgrade Menu 1

The following Island Upgrades have been added:

  • Island Experience Booster +LVL 8-14
  • Island Mobcoin Booster +LVL 8-14
  • Island Skill Booster +LVL 8-14
  • Island Money Booster +LVL 16-21

Island Sell Prices Added Items:

  • Fairy Energy Shard +LVL 1-7
  • Tazanite +LVL 1-7
  • Harmony Wood +LVL 1-7
  • Emerald Rotten Flesh +LVL 1-7
  • Lemon +LVL 1-7


The Crystal Warzone has been powered to the maximum! Outpost now gives additional buffs for your island when capping.

Outpost Island Buffs:

  • 2x All Farming Drops
  • 1.5x Sell Multiplier
  • 2x Pet Booster

Additionally, for this weekend only when the Outpost is captured you will earn a 1.5x multiplier on all booster multipliers.

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