Skyblock MVP Week

Welcome to a brand new addition on the PvPWars Network called MVP Week. As the season has come to an official close, we have decided to do a solo only challenge across Skyblock Origins for everyone to participate in. This will be a test of your Skyblock Origins knowledge and the various economies we've had within the previous season.

Skyblock MVP Week will begin on 3/11/23 @ 3:00pm EST and end on Friday 3/17/23 @ 3:00pm EST.

What is MVP Week?

You may be wondering what this new challenge includes. Don't sweat, everything you'll need to know will be listed here in this post. Any additional questions you may have, feel free to message the discord.

MVP Week is a challenge of all players competing in a brawl Free-For-All. We will be resetting and opening Skyblock Origin with small tweaks (To make everything solo / FFA). This is where players will compete in a 6 Day Fresh Map of Skyblock Origins Season 1. This means the economy, metas, and everything else will not be touched or changed. You will be replaying the previous season within 1 week, all by your self.

You will be playing as a 1 Person Island. This means no alternate accounts, no sharing items or money, no help whatsoever. And you will be playing amongst your competition blindly. We will be making all leaderboards completely hidden from the public, so you don't know how far your competition has progressed within the week. Once we reach the ending of the MVP Week, we'll be revealing the winner to everyone on the server.

We feel this small competition could be a fun little event while we are preparing our Season 2 map of Skyblock Origins. While giving us both time and you guys something to play in the meantime.

What was changed?

We made a few changes to make sure everything was fair and no one could cheat.

  • Island Member Limit has been changed to 1.
  • You can no longer trust accounts or visit any islands.
  • Auction House has been disabled.
  • Island Top and Island Value has been hidden.
  • Balance Top has been disabled. Along with all forms of /pay.
  • Mobcoins Top has been disabled. Along with all forms of /mobcoins pay.
  • Using /tp has been disabled.
  • Items can no longer be dropped in Spawn and Hydoria.
  • Inventories will now be kept when killed.
  • Golem Club price has been reduced from 10,000,000 -> 750,000. (This was changed so it'll allow players to reach the shop within the week timeframe.)
  • Server has been wiped.

What rewards will the winner get?

The Island Top Winner of MVP Week will be given the following prizes. Only the #1 Island will receive the prize.

MVP Crown

MVP Wings


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