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Skyblock Map #10

BRAND NEW Custom Skyblock Plugin

We have taken the Skyblock Plugin and formatted an entire new plugin to fit our brand new style of PvPWars Skyblock. With this update comes lag free server performance & unlimited player slots per realm!

New Spacecraft Spawn

Since PvPWars is on a whole another level, we decided to go all out for our brand new spawn. Welcome to the Spacecraft Spawn! Spaceships fighting everywhere, brand new PvP zone... What could this mean?

Spawner Unlock System

Spawners now have been locked! Kills mobs to unlock different tiers of spawners and upgrades, eventually leading up to the secret spawner!

Mob Arena

Along with the brand new spawner system, we’ve also added Mob Arena! Mob Arena allows you and your island members to fight waves of mobs, eventually reaching the big bad boss at the end!


Do you hate placing down tons of chest and hoppers to collect your farms? Well, we are introducing a brand new way to collect items. iChest allows you to infinitely collect 10 items and sell them at your convenience with a click of a button.

New Top Rank

We are introducing the brand new Star Rank! This rank will give players an exciting experience & OP items to grind your way to be the Top Island!

Global Unban All

With this big reset, we are deciding to give everyone a second chance. Everyone who was banned previously will be unbanned from the server. (Blacklist bans will be re-banned)


The Top Islands will be receiving payouts weekly!

Payouts will be happening for IslandTop 1-3 on every Saturday at a random time giving you and your island a chance to redeem yourself for some prize money!

  • Island Top 1 - $200 PP & $200 BC
  • Island Top 2 - $150 BC
  • Island Top 3 - $100 BC