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Skyblock 2.0

We are excited for Map XI of Skyblock as we deliver a whole new Skyblock experience allowing players to excel in a whole different way. We have decided to take this map a step further by completely revamping how the game is played.

Whitelist begins on Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST in preparation for the reset.

New Spawn

Based on the theme of the gameplay of Map XI, we have a brand new spawn unique to each realm. Players will spawn inside The Forest.

We have decided to choose a natural and peaceful theme for Map XI which will allow all players to ease into this maps gameplay.


No longer will players need to obtain gear.

Players will be given 5 different sets as default at the start of the season, each with a different twist in PvP and your island. Bound to your player, your set is infinitely upgradeable and customizable.

Equip one your sets as easy as typing /set.

Players will be eligible to unlock the remaining 2 mystery sets with the best attributes and upgrade them to become the strongest armor!

Although your gear is personal to you, watch out! Your gear will be cursed if you die wearing it! Cursed gears and sets give you debuffs per curse until you have lifted the curse.


We are excited to introduce Customized Seeds. Going back into the farming season, players will be able to plant crops, water crops, and harvest crops as a method of income; but there's a twist!

You will be able to plant more than 20 different varieties of beautiful customized crops and watch them grow as they are harvested by your personal assistant.

Cobble Cubes

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Cobble Generators. Along with the new customized seeds, we will be introducing the BRAND NEW Cobble Cubes.

Ranging from a 3x3 Tiny Cube to a 15x15 Giant Cube, island members will be able to mine and level up their Cobble Cubes to earn money for their island.

Player Shops

Chest Shops have been completely revamped and turned into your own personal selling station. Some features to expect:

  • Customized Hologram
  • Ability to advertise your shop through server broadcasts
  • Potentially infinite storage

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is here! Like crates, the Wheel of Fortune can be spun for a variety of OP loot and rewards! You can choose a normal spin or obtain a premium spin for better chances at better rewards!

Scratch Cards

Take your chances at the BRAND NEW Scratch Cards and win OP loot and prizes!

You will be able to obtain Scratch Cards and scratch them to reveal your loot! Scratch Cards are an exciting method of looting and we are excited with this addition for Map XI of Skyblock!

Server Merge & Rank Transfer

We have decided to say farewell to 3 of our Skyblock realms as they begin to merge with the remaining 3 realms.

Skyblock Diamond, Matrix and Void will be merging into Skyblock Fire, Ice and Emerald.

All players of those 3 realms will be offered a free transfer of ranks, and GKits from their profiles onto any of the 3 remaining realms of choice.

We will release more information prior to release in a forum post.


The Top Islands will be receiving payouts weekly!

Payouts will be happening for Island Top 1-3 on every Saturday at a random time giving you and your island a chance to redeem yourself for some prize money!

  • Island Top 1 - $100 PP
  • Island Top 2 - $70 PP
  • Island Top 3 - $30 PP