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Collision of Worlds

After months of remastering OP Prison has been crafted into its greatest form. With a recent collision between the worlds of OP Prison and Skyblock players will experience a brand new one of a kind prison experience.



Skyblock and Prison have joined forces to become one. You and your cellmates can compete to win over $1,000 in Weekly Prizes.

  • Cell Top 1: $200 PP & $100 BC
  • Cell Top 2: $100 PP & $75 BC
  • Cell Top 3: $50 PP & $50 BC
  • Cell Top 4-10: $50 BC

Each Donator Rank will have its own unique cell, ranging from the smallest cell, to the biggest cell!

Cells Player Limit will be capped at 9, with the highest rank.

Default Cells Player Limit will be 5.

New Spawn & Mines

Prison has a complete new spawn and mines.

The Prison Mines are bigger than ever! The Prison mines are now 5x bigger and 5x deeper.

New Rank

We have decided to merge ranks on Prison.

  • (Farmer & Prisoner) → Prisoner
  • (Thief, Thug, & Bandit) → Bandit
  • (Hitman) → Hitman
  • (Dealer) → Dealer
  • (Mobster & Gangster) → Gangster
  • (Villain & Wanted) → Wanted

We are introducing a FAN FAVORITE rank “Goliath” to Prison.

Goliath Rank will have many features and benefits.

We also are giving Goliath it’s own very mine!

Private Mines

You can have your very own Personal Mine, right at your doorstep.

Private mines are better than your Donator Rank Mine!

Private Mines can be customized to your liking. You can change your border walls, sell merchant skin, and sell merchant name!

When you generate your Private Mine, you punch it to view the customization menu.


You and your cellmates can compete in a pvp brawl to fight for many buffs and an Outpost Mine.

There are three different Outpost you can capture.

  • Money Outpost
  • Miner Outpost
  • EXP Outpost

Custom Enchants

We are introducing brand new custom enchants.

  • Lucky Duck Enchant: Increases the chance to find Lucky Chest
  • Double Trouble: Doubles your blocks sold
  • Beacon Blast: Spawns a Beacon in front of you

And many more to discover...

World's collide in