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OP Prison Map #6

OP Prison will be resetting Saturday October 12th at 3pm EST with whitelist beginning on the current realm Wednesday October 9th at 11:59pm EST in preparation for the reset!

We will be revealing more features on this list throughout the week, and at launch!

FRESH New Map!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!

Welcome to our brand new Spongebob Themed Map for Season 6! Similar to previous seasons, we have once again revamped the spawn! Both new and existing players will be able to enjoy prisons with a new theme and PvP in the all new SpongeBob themed PvP arena!


We have introduced a new way in which players can interact across prison. You can now create your very own “Gang” with your friends! This will allow you to party up with your gang to battle out other gangs in the PvP arena while showing off your very own gang tag in game.

Let the best gangs dominate prisons!

Private Mine Access Pass

Private Mines were a huge hit last season, so we wanted to make them even better. You now will be able to purchase an access pass, allowing a player to mine at your very own Private Mine. Along with this feature, we have modified Private Mines giving players the ability to fully customize your private mine.

Wheel of Fortune

In addition to the existing crates on OP Prison, we will be introducing the Wheel Of Fortune. The Wheel Of Fortune will be located at spawn and can be spun with a “Spin Token”. Spin the brand new Wheel of Fortune for OP items and loot! The “Spin Token” can also be purchased from the PvPWars Shop.

Prestige Shop

Along with the current prestige milestone rewards, you will now receive Prestige Tokens. These prestige tokens can be used to purchase special limited items that are only obtainable in the Prestige Shop.


The Top OP Prison players will be receiving payouts weekly!

Payouts will be happening for Cell Top 1-3 on every Saturday at a random time giving you and your cell a chance to redeem yourself for some prize money!

Payouts for Cell Top are as follows:

  • Cell Top #1 will receive $200 PayPal
  • Cell Top #2 will receive $100 PayPal
  • Cell Top #3 will receive $50 PayPal