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OP Prison Map #5

OP Prison will be resetting Saturday May 25th at 3pm EST with whitelist beginning on the current realm Wednesday May 22nd at 11:59pm EST in preparation for the reset!

For season 5 of OP Prison, we have applied multiple changes and adjustments to give players a swift start and a smooth season.

These changes target specific featurse on the network including mines, prestiges, and the economy.


Feelin' Flashy?

Season 5 has been flashed up with a New Custom-Built Spawn! Along with the new spawn, we have rebuilt the entire PvP Arena including both the PvP Mine & the Koth Arena.

Token Outposts

Along with the current outposts already on OP Prison, we will be adding the new Token Outpost!

When your cell has the Token Outpost captured, a 2.0x Token Multiplier buff will be available for every member of that cell.

Master Prestige

After evaluating previous seasons of OP Prison, we have noticed the rapid achievement of the Master Prestige rank.

As a result, we have added the new Master Prestige rank! After you pestige all the way to Master prestge, you will then continue and Master Prestige all the way to Grand Master Prestige!

Sorry, grind never stops!

Private Mines

Finally you can have your very own Personal Mine, right at your doorstep.

Private mines are better than your Donator Rank Mine!

Private Mines can be customized to your liking. You can change your border walls, sell merchant skin, and sell merchant name!

After generating your Private Mine, punch it to view the customization menu.


The Top OP Prison players will be receiving payouts weekly!

Payouts will be happening for Cell Top 1-10 on every Saturday at a random time giving you and your cell a chance to redeem yourself for some prize money!

Payouts for Cell Top are as follows:

  • Cell Top #1 will receive $200 PayPal & $100 Buycraft
  • Cell Top #2 will receive $100 PayPal & $75 Buycraft
  • Cell Top #3 will receive $50 PayPal & $50 Buycraft
  • Cell Top #4-10 will receive $50 Buycraft each

On top of Cell Top payouts, we will be introducing payouts for the player with the most blocks mined.

Every week, at the same time Cell Tops are taken, the player with the Most Blocks Mined overall will receive $25 Buycraft.

Invite Rewards

You can invite players to our discord to earn great rewards. By creating your own Invite Link, we can keep track of everyone you invite, and once you reach a milestone, you can spend your invites on a prize, or save up for the final prize! Once you claim a reward, the amount of invites you used will be removed.

  • ★ 5 invites: 1x Fire Key
  • ★ 10 invites: 1x Energy Key
  • ★ 25 invites: 1x Monthly Crate
  • ★ 50 invites: 1x Admin Crate 3.0
  • ★ 100 invites: $35 Buycraft
  • ★ 200 invites: $65 Buycraft + 1x Admin Crate 3.0
  • ★ 300 invites: $85 Buycraft + Robot (on any server of your choice) + 3x Energy Keys
  • ★ 400 invites: $100 Buycraft + 3x Monthly Crates
  • ★ 500 invites: $125 Buycraft + 3x Admin Crates + 1x Tier 4 Mob Coin Generator
  • ★ 1000 invites: Goliath Rank + $75 Buycraft + 3x Admin Crates + 1x Tier 4 Mob Coin Generator
  • Head to the #invite-rewards channel in the PvPWars Discord for more information on how to earn great rewards!