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Locked Very Important Suggestion

Discussion in 'Archive' started by 55Euro, Jun 9, 2019.


Should they teach staff how to actually SS right?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. 55Euro

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    Mar 25, 2019
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    What would this benefit? (Please explain) ➣ Get more hackers ban. I going to actually snitch on myself right now. I have bypass screenshares so many times with an autoclicker because staff doesn't know how to SS right. I know friends that have bypass them with kinda OLD ghost clients such as Vape 2 and Raven B1. And Raven B1 is actually easy to detect tbh. Going to throw my friend under the bus right now Quixotic__ SS YasXD_ one day because he was clearly hacking. Quixotic__ didn't find anything because once again Staff on this server isn't ready for screenshares. Later that week I was done with YasXD_ using blatant hacks so I SSed him myself and caught him using RAVEN B1 with labymod. Vape lite can be injected into BLC btw and the NULL client is injected by using process hacker V2. Also autoclickers are hard to find since they are easy to delete so I can't hate the Staff for not catching me with them. Except CODISBAD because I forgot to delete it from my recycle bin.

    https://i.badlion.net/knvHsaP7TLWJrPQG6XFjQP.png <-Picture

    Also get someone GOOD to teach them. I know staff at this moment hates Automobiles but he is actually good at SSing someone and catching them so I suggest getting him or someone as good as him to teach your staff. And make a new SS doc because it's leaked. Don't give the SS doc all staff. Maybe JrMod or SrMod Idk who gets them but yea.
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    May 3, 2019
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    [Locked + Moved to Arcvhies]

    As this suggestion has been inactive for quite some time, I'll be moving it into our archives.
    If you think this should still be implemented, please make a new suggestion.
    Our apologies for the slow reply!

    If you have any questions, do let me know.

    Have a nice day. :3​