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Discussion in 'Formats' started by SafeDrift, May 24, 2019.

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    Recruitment Format

    Do you want to recruit new players for your team?

    If so, post a recruitment message here!


    * Please explain in detail as much as possible.

    Giving details will help players find the right team they've been looking for.

    * Do not create duplicate threads regarding the same recruitment more than once.

    When creating your recruitment message, include the realm in the title by using the prefix section.

    »»————-——Recruitment Format——————-««

    Your In-game Name ➣

    Platform (Discord, Forums or in-game) ➣

    Server/section ➣

    What kind of players are you looking for? (in detail) ➣

    Requirements for the team? ➣

    Any additional comments?


    Thank you for taking your time to use the format!

    To create a Team Recruitment post, click [HERE]!
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