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Update Mar 23, 2019

Discussion in 'Server Updates' started by Coelho, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Hi there. This is a list of some of the things that have been done since my last change log.

    I'm probably missing a lot, but here goes:


    • Fixed a bug where some players would never be redirected back to a server after it rebooted

    • Outposts now teleport you to /warp outposts faced in the direction of the Outpost you clicked if you do not have the outpost captured

    • Vote Party no longer counts backwards

    • If a server is full, players are now informed they can buy a rank to have a reserved slot

    • Tab list has been fixed when the player count on a realm is above 990

    • Renaming nether stars is now disabled

    • [item] has been fixed on 1.12+

    • [item] now has an amount (ex. 1x) next to the item name

    • 1.7.10 clients will no longer disconnect when opening GUIs with Titles that are too long. This fixes /outposts and many other commands

    • Staff now bypass /ignore and /msgtoggle


    • Fixed crash issues due to bad chunks


    • Reset Released

    • New Spawn

    • New Outpost Map

    • New Spawner Stack plugin (as seen on OPPrison)

    • New Spawner Upgrade, Custom Spawners & Spawner Stack plugin. Goal is to improve lag

    • New WarPass, BossMobs, Spells, and Amulets plugin

    • New IslandTop plugin (Islands now update worth every 1h as opposed to 24h, & improves lag)

    • Economy has been updated

    • Added /claim. If your inventory is full when receiving an item, you can now claim it later

    • Added /mobcoins balance <player>. You can now see another player's mob coins balance

    • Added /prefix. Goliaths who have purchased their rank from Buycraft can use this to change the color of their prefix

    • Forbidden GKit -- removed vouchers as they did not work

    • WarsWarZoneBlocks now properly clears blocks in the warzone

    • Packages can now only be opened on your island

    • Crate keys can no longer become overloaded

    • ChestShop plugin has been patched to prevent a corruption issue

    • McMMO plugin has been patched to prevent a corruption issue. This should fix all scoreboard issues

    • Outposts "Money" now shows a chat message to show your sell bonus

    • Outposts "XP" is no longer "coming soon". It has been working for quite some time

    • Envoy Starters can no longer be used when an envoy is already in progress. This should fix spam issues

    • Armor Stands are no longer cleared by clear lag

    • Pets now have a cooldown per-type instead of per-item

    • Pet Crate has been changed to multiply the chance of the item you choose to increase instead of adding to it (max 2x)

    • Pet Elf has been disabled in the Outposts world

    • Pet Creature, Spring, Cobweb, and Gorilla have been disabled in the Island world

    • Enchantment "Counter" has been removed

    • Dropper keys on Matrix are fixed

    • Goliath Monthly on Matrix now has a Monthly Crate

    • Tags have been fixed so they now work on every realm

    • Player Crates has been removed

    • Generators have been removed from the Goliath kit

    • Rhino Spawners have been removed

    • /is restart will now show you a message asking you to do /is confirm

    • /kit mod has been removed

    • /top is now disabled in Spawn


    • New CellTop plugin (as seen on Skyblock)

    • Goliath is animated in tab

    • Auction House limit increased to 1Q

    • Jackpot buy-in prices have been increased

    • Outposts "Mine" slime not being clickable is fixed

    • Outposts "Mine" -- you can now properly fly in the mine

    • Stacked blocks -- when hitting amount="0" the GUI now properly closes and updates

    • Mob stacker now kills the entire stack

    • Mob stacker will no longer stack above the enforced limit of 1,000

    • Mob spawner dupe patched

    • Dragon egg dupe patched

    • Tinkerer has been fixed

    • Progress bar on Scoreboard sometimes saying "undefined" is fixed

    • 45 second gapple cooldown

    • Stacked splash potions can no longer be thrown

    • /prestigetop
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