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FORMAT Feedback and Suggestions Format

Discussion in 'Formats' started by celestialxo, May 19, 2019.

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    Feedback and Suggestions Format

    Do you have any feedback or suggestions to help us improve the Network to benefit the experience of the community?

    If so, let us know here!


    * Please explain in detail as much as possible.
    A detailed description of the suggestion would help us review and understand your suggestion easier.
    * You MUST follow the format provided below, without this your suggestion may be denied.
    (If so, please create a new thread including the format!)
    * Do not create duplicate threads regarding the same suggestion more than once. Your suggestion will be reviewed in time.

    »»————-——Feedback and Suggestions Format——————-««

    Your In-game Name (Required) ➣

    Platform (Discord, Forums or in-game) (Required) ➣

    Server/section (Required) ➣

    Suggestion (in detail) (Required/please explain) ➣

    What would this benefit? (Please explain) ➣


    Please wait patiently, as it may take some time for your suggestion to be reviewed and receive feedback.

    Thank you for taking your time to give us your input!

    To create a Feedback and Suggestions post, click [HERE]!