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FORMAT Ban Appeal Format

Discussion in 'Formats' started by tekaboi, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Ban Appeal Format

    Have you been banned or muted on the network or one of its associated platforms?

    If so, Appeal it Here!


    * Please provide as much information as it may assist us with your appeal.
    This can be a detailed explanation of your punishment and why it was received.
    * You Must follow the format below, without it your thread may get denied
    (If so, please make a new one with the format included!)
    * Do not create duplicate threads when appealing your punishment. Your appeal will be viewed by the next available staff member as soon as possible.

    -Please respond in your appeal with the best of your abilities.
    -Do not tag staff to bump your appeal.

    »»————-Ban Appeal Format——————-««

    Your In-game Name (Required)

    Staff Member Who Banned/Muted You (Required)

    Why Were You Banned/Muted (Required)

    Why We Should Unban/Unmute You (Please Explain)

    Are You Guilty or Not Guilty? (Please Explain)

    Please remember it can take a while for your appeal to be reviewed by a staff member.

    Thank you for taking the time to appeal your punishment.

    To create a report, click [Here]!
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