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Balancing the Gameplay on Skyblock Matrix

Discussion in 'Feedback And Suggestions' started by abuddies, Jun 10, 2019.


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  1. abuddies

    abuddies Member

    Jun 10, 2019
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    OP Prison
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    1. So, in the server, the cheapest items for mobcoins I could find on the "mobcoin shop" was 150 mobcoins. The mob coin generator generates one mobcoin every 10-60 seconds. For this let's say that it was 10 seconds per generation. Now if you wanted to buy that item for 150 mobcoins, you would need to wait 10*150 seconds or translated, 25 minutes. Now let's say that you have 10 of these generators because you've played for a while, it would still take you 2.5 minutes to buy a single one of these mob coin items. My suggestion is to either buff or remove these mob coin generators or at least make them up-gradable.
    2. Speaking of mobcoins, When you attack zombie pig-men with a coins 10 sword, I believe you still only have a 1/3 chance of getting 1 mobcoin. Now let's say that there's a stack of 1000 pig men and kill them all at once, the odds are still at a 1/3 chance of getting a mobcoin from 1000 pig-men. My suggestion is to make each pig-man count individually for the mob coin chance AS WELL AS the token chance, of course doing this you would probably Nerf the chances from the tokens and coins enchants as well as just normally attacking the monsters individually.
    3. OK, so I haven't found a good way yet to gather crate keys, I like the server, but if I can't get crate keys then I can't get anything special, like auto-sell or chest-sell and I just think that it might improve the game play in general if you add an enchant for hoes or pickaxes to have a chance to give you a random crate, that might open up new doors to players and actually get players to make cobble gens and farms.
    4. Also, on the topic of mob stacks, can you please increase the mob stack size to like 3,000,000,000,000,000. I can't place more than 200 spawners down because I can't place them next to each other in the same chunk but if I don't, I just waste spawners because I have like 7 billion spawners in one area and I only get 1,000 monsters per spawn.
    5. I can't level up my crate pet because I don't have enough crates to do so, so I think there should be an item you can make either with experience or the crazy witch lady behind spawn that could instantly level up your pet.
    6. Also, the only bow custom enchant I found was a unbreakable enchant. Could we add more like fire arrow or poison trail arrow or even explosive arrow?
    7. Can you make an official borrowing system? Like you put a borrow tag on something, give it to someone and they can't put it in any chest, lose it by dying and in say 3 minutes, you get the item back? That would greatly help me in my infinite search for a borrow able high level crate pet.
    8. Also, can you make it so if a helper or admin or mod sees a alt player or, they will give them a 1 minute warning and then a kick so as to minimize lag, the way I see it, if they want to make their spawners work, they should be able to spend the time sitting there.
    9. The quests and pets don't take stacks of anything. I've killed over 3.3 million pig-men worth or pig-men stacks and they only count it as 3,353 pig-men. The island quests only count a stack of 1,000 pigs as 1 pig, and the money pet only increases xp if you sell stuff individually.
  2. SugarPeanut

    SugarPeanut SafeIsDaddy

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    Jun 6, 2018
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    You CAN place unupgraded spawners next to each other... it's the same as gb pigmen... just that you need to unupgrade the spawners after placing them all down.
  3. AwesomeMaster

    AwesomeMaster Remember profanity = key to success


    Feb 12, 2018
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    Wow, so much writing just to use the wrong format +1 for using the wrong format
  4. Ibe De Pauw

    Ibe De Pauw Big Boss


    May 14, 2018
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    1. Some people have hundreds, thousands of gens. They can make 10 million mobcoins/day. I don't think these need to be nerfed.

    2. It would be too easy to get mobcoins and tokens if you would get let's say 300 per stack of 1000 mobs.

    3. Good idea, make a suggestion post for that one. [+1]

    4. Like @SugarPeanut said, you can place more then 1 stack in a chunk. Ask someone in game how to do it. You can ask me if you see me online. (ign: zEend)

    5. There are robots which can level your pet.

    6. There are quite some enchants which you can apply on your bow, some of them are retired so you can only obtain them via gkits, but there already are some.

    7. I think this is a lot of work to code, just level up your own pet or find someone who trusts you enough to borrow you one.

    8. We need alts in a spawner based economy, also there will never come an alt limit. There already are plenty of posts about this topic.

    9. That's the point of grinding, if the task is: Kill 1000 zombies, it would be too easy to just kill 1 stack of *1000 zombie. So you need to kill 1000 stacks. If you don't like to grind, don't do the challenges. Simple as that.

    Have a good day