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Guide Amulets/Spell Caster: Complete Guide (As of May 24th, 2019)

Discussion in 'Community Guides' started by Ferg0, May 25, 2019.

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    As a helper, I get many questions regarding amulets, so I made this guide for all new players that don't understand how they work.

    The Spell Caster
    The Spell Caster is where you will complete all crafting recipes involving amulets.
    (Excluding Ancient Bosses)
    The Spell Caster is located behind spawn, in the castle.

    When you right click the Spell Caster, there will be several useful recipes listed at the bottom of the pop-up, including The Box and Spells.

    (Spell's aren't quite in the game yet as of posting this, and I will update it when they do.)

    The Box
    The Box is an item that is crafted by the spell caster.
    The use for it is to drop Ancient Mob Bosses's loot into to claim island value.
    (Ex: A single Yeti head is worth 10 billion island value.)

    You can view the crafting recipe by clicking on its icon on the bottom right of the Spell Caster.


    Amulets are used to spawn in the Ancient Boss Mobs, and other Spell Caster recipes.
    (You can find the spawning place by taking the parkour to it that is connecting to the spawn platform, a simple
    /warp pvp will get you there.)

    Certain Boss Mobs require different amounts of Amulet.

    All different types of Amulet (And how to get/craft)
    Amulet Ore
    These are obtained by completing the various parkour spots around the WarZone.
    You will find 7 amulet ore blocks at each of the five stations, and they will resupply every few minutes.
    All you need is a pick-axe and you can start collecting.

    Amulet Blocks
    Amulet blocks are obtained by crafting them in the spell caster.
    To craft, you put nine amulet ores in the Spell Caster, that fills up the whole crafting section.
    You will receive one amulet block per 9 amulet ore.

    Ancient Amulet Blocks
    These blocks are the ones used to spawn Bosses.
    To craft, you put nine Amulet Blocks into the Spell Caster, that fills up the whole crafting section.
    You will receive one ancient amulet block per 9 amulet blocks.

    You can alternatively "reverse" craft the blocks by placing one block in the Spell Caster.

    Ancient Bosses

    When fighting Ancient Bosses, it is recommended to do so with a friend, as they have lots of health.
    For each boss fight, you will be notified if you came First, Second, or Third in the amount of damage dealed to the boss.
    First place will get the best loot, while second will get slightly worse, and so on.

    This is the weakest and least expensive Boss to craft.
    - 5 Ancient Amulet Blocks
    - 1,000 Mob Coins
    - 1 Dragon Egg
    - 200 Snow
    - 200 Packed Ice
    - 50 Ice

    The second hardest Ancient Boss, and the second most expensive.
    - 10 Ancient Amulet Blocks
    - 1,000 Mob Coins
    - 1 Dragon Egg
    - 50 Chiseled Sandstone
    - 200 Chiseled Red Sandstone
    - 200 Sand

    The hardest Ancient Boss, with the most expensive recipe.
    - 15 Ancient Amulet Blocks
    - 1,000 Mob Coins
    - 5 Dragon Eggs
    - 50 Jack O' Lanterns
    - 50 Mossy Cobble
    - 200 Sea Lanterns

    You may view the drops for the bosses by right clicking them in the spawn tab

    Thank you for reading my guide
    If there is anything I left out, please let me know!
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or on my discord below.

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