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Skyblock Diamond
0 Players online

If you're looking for something on the harder side, join Diamond today! This is our Hardcore Skyblock Realm! Played by our media owner BionicMC!

Skyblock Emerald
0 Players online

Wanting to test your luck? Find your way over to Emerald, where you will find a cool feature called 'Lucky Blocks' uncovering mysterious items! Played and filmed on by our media owner BenMascott!

Skyblock Fire
0 Players online

The first Skyblock Server on the PvPWars network, this is where our Owner WiLDX has recorded his Skyblock series since day one!.

Skyblock Ice
0 Players online

One of the first two released realms on the PvPWars network, this is where our media owner F1NN5TER is found playing and films his Skyblock Series.

Skyblock Matrix
0 Players online

Matrix is our newest realm, this is our "perfected" Skyblock realm. Played by everyone’s favorite Woofless!

OP Prison
0 Players online

Have you ever wanted to relax and play a custom prison experience with custom enchants and endless PvP? Our Prison server is the right fit for you! Play through a one of a kind prison experience with custom never before seen features that you will absolutely love!

Factions Rose
0 Players online

Looking for something a little harder / more competitive than Skyblock? Battle amongst other groups of players to see who will be the #1 Faction. With our one of a kind custom raids world plugin you can travel through a world of pre-made bases filled with OP Loot, Spawners and much more.