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Capitalization (8+)

As a staff team, we like to see the chat used appropriately. There is no need for unnecessary capitals, it only creates spam.

Punishment: Warn, kick, mute


By spamming, you flood the chat with unnecessary messages. Therefore, spam is not tolerated on our network under any circumstances.

Punishment: Warn, kick, mute.


We are an all aged server, and with this comes a younger audience. Please keep all swearing, bypassing the filter, and sexual references outside of public chat. If you choose to use any of these, use it in faction chat / island chat / team chat / private messages.

Punishment: Warn, kick, mute

Chat Disruption

Disrupting the chat is forbidden on our network. These punishments only cause clutter and are unwanted additions to our servers.

Punishment: Warn, kick, mute, extended mute, ban.

Touchy Subjects

All rules of disrespect stated below are not allowed on our network. Whether you jokingly say it or not, it is still punishable. Including but not limited to; Death Threats, Suicide Encouragement / joke, LGBT jokes, Illness jokes, Racism.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

Scamming (Skyblock)

Scamming other players out of their items / money is strictly forbidden on our Skyblock and Prison realms. Although, we do permit it on Factions Rose.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

Low Offense Disrespect

Disrespecting our staff team, players, or the server itself in any way is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to, harassment, disrespect, or oppression. Including server, staff and player disrespect.

Punishment: Mute, extended mute, ban, Extended ban.

High Offense Disrespect

Disrespecting our owners or admins will result you in being severely punished. They do a lot behind the scenes and in game so show a little respect.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

Low Offense Hacking

Making threats against another player, even in a jokingly manner, is not allowed. Whether it be using a hacked client, or just setting something on your spacebar, Auto Jumping is not permitted on our server.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

Medium Offense Hacking

If you are caught hacking on our server, admitting will get you your shortest ban possible.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

High Offense Hacking

Logging While Frozen / Refusing to Screenshare will result in a punishment. Keep in mind, any hacked clients / unapproved modifications used within the past 24 hours and found in a screenshare is punishable. Moving anything into your recycling bin before you are screenshared by the staff member who froze you will result in a punishment. Ban reasons could be; Releasing of dox, Admitting to Ddosing, Hacked Client, Unapproved Modifications, and blackmailing of any kind.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

Island Offenses

Using pets or lava to kill another player on an island. Destroying land and/or taking items of any kind from another player’s island. Video proof is required for both of these.

Punishment: Ban, Extended ban.

TP Trapping

TP’ing a player somewhere with false information as to where they are being TP’d. May only be punished if the player was killed. Must have video proof of the incident. Must have proof of not knowing it was warzone / island trapping. Any lost items during this will not be returned.

Punishment: Ban, Extendted ban.

Glitch Offenses

Showing players glitches only in return for items/money, Using a server glitch to gain personal benefit, Being aware of a glitch and not informing a staff member about it, Is all considered abusing a glitch and is not allowed on our server.

Punishment: Ban

Punishment Evasion

Going onto another account while one is currently muted / banned is not allowed on our network. This will result in the second account getting an increased punishment that follows on all accounts past that.

Punishment: Extended mute, ban.

Advertising Offenses

We take Advertising very seriously on our server, And it is strictly forbidden.

Punishment: Extended Mute, ban