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    1. _PoLDeR_
      please check forum ban appeal...
    2. _PoLDeR_
      hi bro .... i am _PoLDeR_...bro console banned me because of nothing...!!!!!
      i suddenly got a high ping and couldn't move so console thought that i am cheating and doing mob aura and banned me...
      please check it i didn't cheat
    3. hb1954
      Thank you soooo much for accepting my ban appeal! The last two appeals I have made were denied although I admitted. Thank you.
    4. AustBob
      My ign is DragonAHTakt and I’m banned for no reason. It’s Jan 12 1:54 and I tried going into the server and it said I was banned by Schnozmo for advertising offenses on Jan 4. This makes no sense because I played on the server literally and hour before at like 12:45. Can you unban me plz this makes no sense. So I looked at the ban list and searched my name. The last time I got a warn was last year. Plz halp
    5. kagan
      hi my brother accidently used mob/kill aura can you pleasae look at my ban appeal
    6. Boi
      if autoclicking is a bannable offence why did my ban get reduced by 7 Days? in game name: _lil_nugget.
      Don't give me a longer ban tho xD
    7. ExoticButters11
      hi i just got scammed out of all my stuff on ice and i dont know what to do? my ingame is ExoticButters11
    8. MNMauri
      hello I paid drcoconut321 for a soul pet 1000000000b and kick from your island please help me get my money back thanks and my name is MigatteNoMauri
    9. mrpeanuT__
      Thank you so much for reducing my ban ;_; I wont repeat my actions cause I actually kinda enjoy this server!
    10. Vincent Guiliano
      Vincent Guiliano
      I was banned for apparently mob auraing the server afk thing popped up and it wouldn’t let me click it and my sword was glitching and hitting the mob in front of me I would like to be unbanned please my IGN is DoggySquad240 I appealed my ban can you check it
    11. Zackery Oliver
      Zackery Oliver
      My Ban Appeal
      My Username: Zackery_14
      Banned By: Straffee
      Reason Banned: High Offense Hacking 1
      Reason: I didn't know that AFK grinding is not aloud and i really hope i can be unbanned because i really love this server. Thank you and i apologize for my mistake.
      Guilty or not Guilty: I am guilty because i was AFK grinding but i didn't know i could be banned for doing so.
    12. NotShadey
      Not sure about this guy tbh.
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