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    1. xchris0809
      May you plz tell Deadly to look at his Page i posted there that he False Banned me
    2. NickTheMinerGuy
      Hey SafeDrift, my cell disbanded last night or this morning while I was asleep. My private mine was on there and it went away with the cell. How can I get my private mine back?
    3. JamesBunny
      Sup mr admin
    4. TheNamedSlime
      i inited my friend onto my is and i though it just meant its gonna allow him to teleport to my is but it got rid of his island and all my stuff on it
    5. __MICHAEL__
      I can't get into ice because its saying I don't have a rank but I have the Avalanche rank and I'm confused.
    6. YehBoiLegends
      I need help i got banned by unbare For "Hacking" it might have been since i was non stop jumping in pvp running away from people can i get the teamspeak?
    7. DarkAmp
      Pathetic staff..... everyone here is crooked scammed by Tripledayz for real $90 (6 robots) and i'm mocked and get laughed at..... Extremely scummy practices i would advise donating somewhere else that actually cares for their players and their players hard earned real cash..... Steer clear of this place. Staff is not friendly nor do they give a shit what you have to say
    8. Bryce Hensel
      Bryce Hensel
      I just bought 2 rose keys with 1,000 mob coins and I didn't get the keys
    9. shawn23566
      hey need you help here is discord shawn23566#6608 have mic someone scamed me im new and he made me do a trade and I cleared my inventory and lost all my pets I had a crate pet level 18 and money pet 50 and spawner pet level 67 and lucky pet level 13 and I play on emrald and my username is shawn23566
    10. nutcrackertim
    11. Versunity
      Can you please help me?
    12. itsNoah
      Imagine having over 14,000 accounts compromised, crazy
    13. Anthony Do-Le
      Anthony Do-Le
      Hey, I purchased a robot Renan ability package at 5:35 and I still haven't received it yet?
    14. Quixotic
      Hello dad. Respond please.
    15. RIcardo
      Hey I just bought somthing on the store it was a sell chest and its been 30minutes and it hasnt gone through i have the recipt
    16. Gamerlegacy
      Are air keys changed? i am not getting any 10$ vouchers , i have opened like 1000already
    17. samyrosy85
      can you have some one for bugs cause i made post yesterday and no one responded
    18. MrMTB_
      Hey SafeDrift I don't know if I just blind, but I can't find where I can apply for Helper. If you could please respond that would be greatly appreciated. -MrMTB_
    19. Klosere_2
      why doesnt stealthplays higher staff rank then srmod after 8 month as a staff, he finnaly quit. he was a good staff dont take me wrong
    20. brahim
      Hi admin I got bogged down for nothing and I do not know the rules of the game
      I do not know if you can do something but .....
      please unban me I am a good day and I spend the total of my time playing on this server my name if: Bat_pro
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