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    1. MaxOP
      How do I sign Up to be a staff member??
    2. Julio
      since you posted the server lily rules does the 20 chunk buffer go for all 4 separate directions? ie. 20 chunks nort from the first north wall, then 20 chunks south from the first south wall
    3. 71G
      SafeDrift I have been false banned if you would please reply.
    4. Pandakid198
      Hey can u check my bug report on forums
    5. Gamerx100022
      you know it dosent seem like the ranks are being fixed on ice cause i still dont have access to 4 vaults and sell hand
    6. High_Hunter_Kill
      i just bought the monthly create and did not receive everything such as the ichest tokens and others, was wondering if you could help me here as i enjoy myself on this server and dnt want to get discouraged from playing this because of this reason
    7. suficated
      I want to know why I can't load pvpwars on any client or on the regular minecraft after I restart my PC. It just sits at a black screen and says I'm at 0 FPS but I usually get 55+ because I'm on a laptop.
    8. Gc0de
      i joined a island right then i got kicked/ban/left and i lost everything the guys name is "ac131" and "omgitsjamie" so can you ban them plz i lost like 1-3Bill for nothing from spawners.
    9. wen Burlinson
      wen Burlinson
      can u check my bug report please
    10. KillerBoom
      hello can you fix tps in diamond we cant fight is like 1 hit every 10 sec
    11. Internet
      Hello, i got banned by console for no reason i left my pc on all night on minecraft as i just finished making spawner farms and i go back to it and it says i had been banned for mob aura wtf is that??
    12. Isiah Harkins
      Isiah Harkins
      Yo can you check my bug report? its been a day getting annoying
    13. Joshog123
      Yo can you check my ban appeal?
      Been waiting for an admin to check it for a week since senior mods cannot review it.
    14. NoPvpHere
      hey so I bought a monthly crate for diamond server and I still have received It and I have been waiting for 40mins now
      please help ign : NoPvpHere
    15. Vinnie Michelsen
      Vinnie Michelsen
      when i was mining on the prison ice server, i right clicked a iron golem to sell, and my picaxe got sold, can you help me out please, i have no pickaxes otherwise, i lost my other one in pvp
    16. __MICHAEL__
      Ice server isnt rebooting its just offline can u fix this
    17. z3ken
      Hey today i won a king rank and i couldnt ude the Prince shop
    18. Diareevis
      I bought the g-kit keys and in the discription it says that the g-kit has unlimited uses. But it can only be used every 5 days. My ign is: DiareeVisX So i want it fixed that it is unlimited or i want my money back.
      1. __MICHAEL__
        its supposed to have a cool down by unlimited it means u can use it forever but after the cool down
        Jul 24, 2019
    19. Davin Nguyen
      Davin Nguyen
      I cry cause I can't get goliath upgrade
    20. hagish123
      I don't wanna bother you but could you possibly check out my staff a application form and I have 80 hours played more not 61 that's old
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