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    1. (c)_(c)
      noah if you reading this, there is so many bugs/glitches in rose fraction. For example, when i click on any signs in /shop it just keep giving me ladders while taking my credits/$ away. Please fix it immediately. (i'm not trying to be rude or anything i just want the bugs/glitches to go away so that players can in joy the game. I hope you understand that.
    2. HypePvp___
      I need help none has helped me with my pv 2 problem made a post on forums nothing msg staff in game naothing
    3. haden300
      hey im just trying to figure out y i cant type in chat.
    4. (c)_(c)
      ummm the buckets gen (obsiden) it's not working please fix it. (in fraction rose -ign- Ironheart19
    5. ItssPlebSB
      Can you help me?
      I am rtying to join fire to get my rank but the server is full
    6. iCraft_ed
      Hey im trying to join the server and when im on the fire skyblock one it wont let me move
      can you help me please
    7. Tenpin321
      I'm sorry to bother you but it wont let me connect to your server it keeps saying that there is an error if you could please run me through what to do or how I could fix it that would be very helpful
    8. Joshua id a saf
      Joshua id a saf
      I bought a robot at 4pm and still haven't got it yet I have made a report on payment issues and no one has seen it.
      it would help out so much if you could go and see it I have put a link of proof of my payment on my report all information on the payment issues thanks and much appreciated ign Cakeinagame
    9. bergemartt
      i bod a robot and mobcoin tier 3 and i didt not get it in my inventore
      my ign name is noob_sorak on pvp fire and on discord neeb_sorak
    10. The_Wolf_DK_
      i buyed a mobcoin generator tier 3 and a mobcoin generator tier 2 right before the wipe and i dettent get nodet by eny wipe before i buyed it i want my money back or my generators back
    11. ALI_A
      Do i keep the rank i have won from a crate after reset
    12. novazxx
      I want to talk about the ban that I got on Novazxx, and the ban that my cousin got on HyperJester. Preferebly on discord.
    13. NotTMF
      Earlier this year i had 2 gkits I logged on like 2 days ago and now i dont have those gkits anymore like wtf. If possible i would like a full refund.
      Minecraft name - NotJxcob
    14. Sammy_poo
      Hey I played pvping.mc and I was wondering if it is possible to get a rank transfer from there to here. I spent alot of money on portal rank and now I cant use it and I'm a little disappointed so if I could that would be awesome. Thanks!
    15. reeve lester
      reeve lester
      i cant upgread to flame rank
    16. Ilovewoof
      I randomly died on a is with my grinding sword, can you make it so you cant die on a is, I've lost my grinding sword 7 times now all with max enchants
    17. Scayer
      I played 2 days on the server and then there stood that I got 3 earth keys and 1 Halloween packet but I only got 3 earth keys and I didn't get the Halloween package though my inventory was empty
    18. Ire319
      could you come on factions and tpa to me please im stuck and I cant do anything
    19. Wonka
      When is the season 2 war rank being released to everyone that bought the warpass and finished warpass? Its been well over 1 month now
    20. SWE_Pangarn
      I redeemed my tag on skyblock ice but i didn't get it in /tags
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