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    1. moody89
      I need a Mafia with friends, please, I'll never do it again.
    2. moody89
      HI i get ban because scamming. Because some one sell my it yesterday and i lost 100m,i need it back ,That's why I sold it. Please undban me and i delete it ,I'll never do it again.
    3. aapjejustin
      hello I have bought a child rank on ah and used it on skyblock emerald but I did not get my hair so so what can I do about that? I just like to hear something from julie my ign is aapjejustin
    4. HadesUndead
      Hello Noah! i made a post about me becoming a Helper i hope that yo will accept me! thanks for helping me out, i really do hope i become a Helper!
    5. VestaTheDoge
      I got a monthly crate out of a rose crate but I didn't recieve the crate.
    6. HadesUndead
      whats up Noah! i'm trying to become a Mod. have a nice day!
    7. FourtyHp
      Hey i bought a second febuary crate and i only got half the items i was supossed to have, i have video evidence i would like a refund or the items i and missing thank you. IGN: Twitch_40hp i play on skyblock emerald
    8. Doggy25
      Can you say that HeadTeachers should unban me for advertisement But I advertised your server i said come join the best skyblock server ever its ip is pvpwars.net
    9. SnowPower18
      Please, can you check my Payment Issuse ?
      I would buy the Goliath rank upgrade, I've already lost the possibility to buy it with 75% off
    10. Pizzaboy121205
      I've applied for staff and haven't received any thing to say if I have or haven't. <3
      1. 50t
        How long ago did you apply It took me 3 weeks to get a response Be patient
        Jan 26, 2019
    11. 2Cool4ThePool
      Your basket has been flagged for potential fraud. Please contact the store owner for assistance. How do I fix this
    12. SnowPower18
      Please, fix robots. I bought 2 robots like 5 days ago =(
    13. Michel van Doeselaar
      Michel van Doeselaar
      Hallo Noach,
      I just bought a goliath rank on the server Diamond. Something went wrong with the payment when I looked on my visa account I saw that the payment was double reserved.
      I want to cancel one reservation. Visa told me to contact you so you can cancel one of the payment.
      The second reservation I made at 20:38.02 today with the following authorization code: 782541.

      Michel van Doeselaar
    14. Penny
      Hey do you know when the villagers will be fixed on op prison?
    15. Zensuko
      I got pretty big wings with some pretty big rings
    16. Jordin I.
      Jordin I.
      Hi, My name is Jodin i'm very young i'm 10 years old I just came here to say I want to apply for staff I've been playing for a mouth or two and I know the diamond sky block server if you get this back please contact me i might have to talk in a chat because my mic has static anyway contact me please on my discord Jay_the_man
      #5900 my username in game is FluffyDubby

      Thank you,
      Have a good day
    17. (c)_(c)
      noah if you reading this, there is so many bugs/glitches in rose fraction. For example, when i click on any signs in /shop it just keep giving me ladders while taking my credits/$ away. Please fix it immediately. (i'm not trying to be rude or anything i just want the bugs/glitches to go away so that players can in joy the game. I hope you understand that.
    18. HypePvp___
      I need help none has helped me with my pv 2 problem made a post on forums nothing msg staff in game naothing
    19. haden300
      hey im just trying to figure out y i cant type in chat.
    20. (c)_(c)
      ummm the buckets gen (obsiden) it's not working please fix it. (in fraction rose -ign- Ironheart19
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