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    1. protypegamer
      how do I apply for staff?
    2. brahim
      Hi admin I got bogged down for nothing and I do not know the rules of the game
      I do not know if you can do something but .....
      please unban me I am a good day and I spend the total of my time playing on this server my name if: Bat_pro
    3. Jacob223344435345345
      hello i will like to be un baned i got banned for botting but i was just sitting in an island my name is Squishy_MA1N plz unban this is fav server but i still dont know why i was banned
    4. CyberZZGaming
      I have a spark rank but there is no reserved spot?
    5. KeinNoah
      Jo Noah,
      Is It Possible to get Staff?
    6. Royal24K
      i was pvping some guy on ice server he void jumped like 10 times then he called hes budyes on me so they 5v1 me so then i void jumped and he sayed ez ban i was confused then he explained to me that how that is banable and that he have a clip of me doing it will i be baned i didn t eaven now until now i can be baned because of that
    7. DefeatedBird79
      Can i become helper pls
    8. Xiany
      I would like to make an appeal to Mod. I can see u are missing some things on the server and its often people who haves question but no one is online. I had a server for a few years ago and got some experience. 17 yo / IGN: Xiany - no warnings i think haha. Where do i make the appeal? or do you guys in Rose community like interview (…) in like discord?

      (from rose fac btw) :)
    9. McChicken360
      I bought a robot from the mobcoin shop but i did not receive the robot
    10. JustGazingTTV
    11. SilverWolf28
      Hello I'm not sure if you are the person I should be contacting but I play on skyblock ice and I decided to buy frosty rank and upgrade to crystal yesterday. I reloged a few times and waited hours but did not receive my purchase. If there is any way you could help me it would be much appreciated.
    12. _Ymine
      Your basket has been flagged for potential fraud. Please contact the store owner for assistance.
      1. _Ymine
        Im forced to use a vpn
        Mar 11, 2019
    13. Icy_Cloud20
    14. damian198023
      I bought a rank an hour ago I still do not have it
      1. SilverWolf28 likes this.
    15. Harley
      Hey Umm... can I Have Staff on Op Prison I keep getting Bullied and people keep taking my stuff like once someone said they would kill me in pvp if idid not give them 500 Tokens so pls pls pls make me staff on that server pls
    16. Zorel
      Hey, in any way, could a "staff" member spam another player who isn't a "staff" member or is that warnable/kickable/muteable
    17. AustBob
      I play on Ice and I had a Goliath sword. I was trading someone and I put it in the thing to show it to them. I then pressed cancel and it was gone. Can I get another sword?

      What I mean is that I had a full inventory when I
      pressed cancel and then it disappeared
    18. moody89
      I need a Mafia with friends, please, I'll never do it again.
    19. moody89
      HI i get ban because scamming. Because some one sell my it yesterday and i lost 100m,i need it back ,That's why I sold it. Please undban me and i delete it ,I'll never do it again.
    20. aapjejustin
      hello I have bought a child rank on ah and used it on skyblock emerald but I did not get my hair so so what can I do about that? I just like to hear something from julie my ign is aapjejustin
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