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    1. _hatninja_
      I accidentally picked up my 11x11 while my inventory was full and it just deleted its self is that a bug?
    2. andrea
      sorry a while ago i bought the platinum kit in the competitive skyblock, only after knowing that in a few hours there will be a reset, and i wanted to know if something is done like leaving the kit for the next season since i used this kit for 1 hour or give me a kit of the same price in another block of sky, please answer me, I'm in panic
      1. mine_rasa
        Jan 23, 2020 at 9:04 AM
    3. andrea
      scusa io poco fa ho comprato il kit platinum nella skyblock competitive, solo dopo ho saputo che tra poche ore ci sara il reset, e volevo sapere se si poteva fare qualcosa tipo lasciare il kit per la prossima stagione visto che ho utilizzato questo kit per 1 ora , oppure darmi un kit dallo stesso prezzo in un'altra sky block, rispondimi per favore sto andando in panico
      1. mine_rasa
        Yeah I don't speak that language.
        Jan 23, 2020 at 5:32 AM
    4. SoullessQuinn05
      Hey Rasa, long time no see
      1. mine_rasa
        Very long time! ;)
        Jan 22, 2020 at 2:19 PM
    5. Ethan shout
      Ethan shout
      can you please read my thread. its been over a hour now! ive payed for items yet havent recived any for over 1hour and 30minutes
    6. Dolphin
      I am playing on the Skyblock Competitive server and I have had constant nausea, blindness, slowness and mining fatigue for 2 hours
      1. mine_rasa
        That means one or more items of your /set is cursed. Left click to fix it.
        Jan 19, 2020
        Dolphin likes this.
    7. Devang pattni
      Devang pattni
      Hi mine_rosa thank you for helping me with my problem. Am messaging here cause the problem thread is closed.
    8. AustBob
      My ign is DragonAHTakt and I’m banned for no reason. It’s Jan 12 1:54 and I tried going into the server and it said I was banned by Schnozmo for advertising offenses on Jan 4. This makes no sense because I played on the server literally and hour before at like 12:45. Can you unban me plz this makes no sense. So I looked at the ban list and searched my name. The last time I got a warn was last year.
    9. jude
      I died from blocks and lost a portal pet lv 1 ,popcorn pet lv,0 ,soul pet lv 20 and lucky pet 164 please give me my stuff back I promise this is not a scamm
      1. jude
        please read
        Jan 12, 2020
      2. jude
        on copettative
        Jan 12, 2020
      3. jude
        Jan 12, 2020
    10. I am Swizzy123
      I am Swizzy123
      My name on mc is Swizzy7D and now I have apparently been banned for hacking even though I didn't
    11. PandaSnoopy
      My friend Swizzy7D just logged on from not being on for like 1-2 Weeks and it says he was banned for ban evading. He never was contacted by anymore that said he was ban evading.
    12. Devang pattni
      Devang pattni
      hi i replied to your message but the issue is still pending, i am posting here because it has been 2 days
    13. Robert Daugherty
      Robert Daugherty
      may i ask if you know when he will be on? ive been waiting for a bit
    14. Robert Daugherty
      Robert Daugherty
      I was wondering if you could look at my ban appeal because it needs a jr-admin or a higher please help :)
      1. mine_rasa
        Sadly only Schnozmo can do your appeal.
        Jan 10, 2020
    15. evilgirl7200
      maybe you can help me, I play on ice. I just asked if anybody had a discount code to buy things from the website, now I keep getting disconnected and can not type in game. I didn't say anything wrong, I know other servers offer the code as an extra discount, I wasn't scamming I paid full price for my breeze rank just a few days ago.
      thank you
    16. goldpunisher99
      hey i opened a monthly crate and accidentally exited out of it and didn't get anything
      1. mine_rasa
        You can't exit out of a monthly crate
        Jan 6, 2020
    17. daeltun c crocker
      daeltun c crocker
      hey can you help me with a purchase
      1. mine_rasa
        You can make a payment issue and we'll help you there.
        Jan 4, 2020
    18. K4wai
      mine_rasa my island broke and player shops turned into enchanting tables like normal ones and ichest stop working i think its couse of the server crash or lag of the server pls help...
    19. Maybehacking
      i got banned by you for some reason but i was literally afking, please tell me why
    20. Vincent Guiliano
      Vincent Guiliano
      I was banned for apparently mob auraing the server afk thing popped up and it wouldn’t let me click it and my sword was glitching and hitting the mob in front of me I would like to be unbanned please my IGN is DoggySquad240 https://pvpwars.net/forums/threads/ban-appeal.58705/
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