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  1. Splaterd
    Splaterd Noah
    Hello.I am Splaterd/Sam I am wondering how I can apply for staff! My ign is Splaterd I am on most of the time and am determined to help the server in any way possible.If you may send me the link to apply for staff I would enjoy that.Thank you. Have a nice day.-Splaterd
  2. a6depressed
    i was get spam /login but when i /login my forum password its say /help ....
  3. Bawksee
    Green laser beam at his eyes, it'll blind him, Clips like a movie, but you can't rewind 'em
  4. HeyyyItsAmy
    Guess who's back!! :D
  5. xXToxicHDXx
    CryzPlayz is My Name And MInecraft Is My Game
  6. Konit
  7. ManiacalMallard
    ManiacalMallard Noah
    banned because I wanted the products I paid for????
  8. ManiacalMallard
    ManiacalMallard SafeDrift
    i bought a september monthy crate and a sell chest while the server was down and i didnt get either of them
  9. Geographs
  10. Ciara
    Ciara Strafee
    allegedly a fiddler of children under the age of 18, have any comments on that ?
  11. ilya
  12. ilya
  13. ICodeMinecraft
    In a conflict with Auroic
  14. rockinzerd
    mining diamonds in roblox
  15. Charizard_Gaming
    Charizard_Gaming BananaCreamPies
    yo bananaCreampies i appealed but it was denied because i wasnt banned long enough is that fair and i waited my 7 days
  16. TraxNeedsABath
  17. TraxNeedsABath
  18. Noel_24YT
  19. AloneCrash1
    AloneCrash1 BananaCreamPies
    I have goliath on ice so I should be good
    1. BananaCreamPies
      Good to know thanks
      Nov 15, 2019 at 6:10 PM
  20. oRyte