Who are we?

PvPWars is a server that consist a ton of unique game modes within Minecraft Java. PvPWars has been a staple of the Minecraft Community since March 2017 and with our dedicated team and community we strive to keep pushing the limits.

As we push new boundaries with development, content, and Minecraft we will need a good team alongside us to push new limits that have never been reached within Minecraft.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who want to drive the server further by contributing ideas, management, and regulating of rules. While having fun and enjoying the server, we also want to make sure the players feel at home and safe within our hands. With the help of you, we can do that. If you wish to be apart of the team, feel free to check below for more information.

Application Process

Our application process details of 4 important steps.

  1. Submitting an application
  2. Receiving further information
  3. Interview
  4. Acceptance or Deny

If you do not receive a response and / or your application ticket was closed, it means we are not pursuing your application at this time. However, you are free to re-apply after four weeks.

How to apply?

Head into #bot-commands in the discord.

Discord Apply

Type /apply in the channel to begin your staff application.
Read the prompts carefully and answer the questions. You can edit these answers, however you must do it before you answer all the questions.
Once the application has been submitted, a channel will open up for you in the PvPWars Discord.

Discord Application

This is where staff will give you feedback or questions and where you'll be instructed for the next part of the application. Remember if your application was closed / deleted, that means it's an automatic deny and you will have to re-apply after four weeks.